Since the ages of time fragrance has played a big role throughout history as one of the key factors in igniting long lasting memories. Memories from your childhood, a holiday or even a lover can be captured through the power of scent. Often its power goes unnoticed, but can sometimes unconsciously affect your mood. Fragrances such as lavender are known for its ability to relieve stress and help you relax. The same way mint can make you feel energised and citrus is related to cleanliness. Aromatherapy is one thing, but what about a fragrance that has the ability to transform your atmosphere completely and ignite memories. Over Christmas I spent almost everyday within Myer selling my products, and I really got to observe each of my customers in the decision making process. Seeing them pick up products to smell, and then seeing their reactions to certain fragrances clarified what I already knew about the power of scent. Often the comments of the fragrances that resonated with each person the most were always related to a memory of a place, object or person. One of my customers loves to smoke cigars, which is why he fell in love with our Cuban cigar inspired fragrance – Cubano. Another customer, adored our coconut, lime & cucumber fragrance, because it reminded her of when she married the love of her life along the beaches of Koh Samui. A great fragrance can truly capture something incredible, such as a loving memory.

The power of scent is also present in attraction and seduction. The smell on his or her neck could have you instantly hooked. Throughout history it’s been used by women to attract and seduce the men they desire. This is also apparent amongst animal species such as bees, ants and other insects. Natural pheromones are given off by the female to attract a mate. One of the beauties of a man made fragrance, is when you combine it with your body’s natural odor to create your own unique scent. No perfume will let off the exact same smell on every human, as our natural pheromones play a part in changing the chemical balance to compliment that fragrance in it’s own way. Some people might have stronger natural odors, therefore require a very strong fragrance to overcome or compliment it. Bottom line is that in the laws of attraction the power of scent can make or break your lover’s quest. Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you stay fragrantly spruced for your lovers or desired ones this Valentines Day!

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