The Best Fragrances For Your Zodiac Sign


We are all strongly connected with our star signs and have different personality traits each based on the horoscopes. Horoscopes have a high impact on the things we do, use and consume in our regular life. Colors, travel destinations, food choices, seasons and even the fragrances we like are all influenced by horoscopes.

The 12 Zodiac Signs are categorised on the basis of 4 elements like Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These elements affect our personality according to its nature. If we investigate the Fragrances that suit your personality and mood based on the Zodiac signs, each has a different match.

Here are some favourable Fragrances for each star sign:



Aries like to stay alert and active, so when it comes to choosing a fragrance, they like citrus fragrances with a combined floral base. Citrus is known to stimulate the mind, as well as the senses. On this basis, Aries are drawn to fragrances with fresh citrus, lemon, and grapefruit. When we look at Aries choice of flower, flowers having thorns are the perfect choice of an Aries, such as: the American beauty rose, honeysuckle, frankincense, myrrh, jasmine, geranium, ginger and woody pine.



 Taurus are sensual, elegant and tactile. Venus as their ruling planet is reason to why Taurus are known to having a very refined taste. When it comes to fragrance -Taurus adore the sophistication and depth of a rose, meaning any fragrance with a rose base would be the perfect choice for them. Certain refined fragrances that may also attract Taurus include those with musk as a base or those with notes of violet or neroli. Taurus being an earth sign is a perfect match for sandalwood, light spice, and woody fragrances. These fragrances are symbolic to the earth we live in and resonate strongly with Taurus.



Gemini are known for their playful, experimental and spirited personalities. They can be unpredictable at times, but this versatility in their nature can be beneficial when it comes to building a fragrance wardrobe. Imaginative as well as impulsive, they can opt for a heady, spirited fragrance that isn’t afraid to make a statement. Gemini may like Pink grapefruit and other fragrances with a light, spirited and citrus category. Other fragrances that Gemini may like is vetiver for its soothing effect. If Gemini find themselves stressed, they should try a lavender fragrance that can help relax the mind and body. If they are in the mood for romance, lilies would be a charming choice. Their versatility enables Gemini to engage in a broad spectrum of fragrance and their choice is based on their most present feeling.



Virgo are known to be perfectionists. They are beautiful, reliable, intelligent and humble. When it comes to fragrance, Virgo don’t like anything ostentatious, preferring to stick with clean, simple fragrances instead. Due to their analytical nature, the details are important and fragrances should be chosen with care. Virgo generally go for light floral fragrances that are more feminine and fresh, rather than the bold and overpowering fragrances. However, Virgo may also enjoy earthy notes of woods and greenery due their strong connection to earth and nature.



Libra like to look and feel good at all times. A fragrance isn’t just an accessory or after-thought to them; it’s a part of their identity. Libra usually like to have several fragrances, rather than one signature fragrance. Different fragrances are matched by Libra according to the season, their mood, or even a special occasion. Libra like classic floral — something light and elegant, not too heavy. Being the barer of good vibes, it’s important to Libra that the fragrances they choose to wear or surround themselves with portray just that.



Intense and sometimes mysterious, those born under the Scorpio sign are a bit of an enigma. Fiercely independent, there’s no way this water sign would be caught wearing the latest go-to scent; that’s far too mainstream. A bespoke blend that leaves everybody guessing is right up Scorpio’s alley. Unique flowers such as: chrysanthemum, hollyhock, geranium, and honeysuckle, and eucalyptus will draw Scorpio’s desire. The bolder the better for Scorpio, they are not afraid to make a statement.



Sagittarius have an open-minded, wanderlust approach to life. The plant-based scents that celebrate their love for the great things in life, will always be favourable to Sagittarius. As such, they’re pretty easy going personality make them one of the few star signs who actually like change. The most suitable flower notes according to Sagittarius are carnation, wild pink, dandelion, sweet William and heather. Sagittarius like warm fragrances, deeply sensual, woody, citrus and punchy floral. Also being deeply related to the fire element, spicy fragrances such as: deep coral red, ginger, saffron, paprika, cinnamon, are a perfect match for Sagittarius.



Leo love their fashion and are always keeping up with the latest trends. Leo is closely associated with royalty, being ruled by the sun that rules the entire planet, and the star that all the planets march around, making Leo’s role as unique as the sun. Leo love any warm, inviting fragrances that truly embody summer. It’s common for Leo to naturally enjoy all eyes on them, and it’s important to uphold their popularity amongst people. They like an exciting and confident fragrance that encourages compliments – and maybe even a little envy. Leo rise to be leaders, therefore go for fragrances that makes a unique statement and attracts attention.



Aquarius find themselves using all their efforts to protect the environment and love to learn about the world that surrounds them. They also have a strong humanitarian side, so fragrances with a do-good factor will immediately draw them in. Aquarius love nature, making fragrances such as: orange blossom, lavender, sandalwood, and geranium a great choice. As big believers in organic lifestyle, fragrances that are made with natural essential oils are usually Aquarius’s preferred choice.



Pisces are most commonly known for their sensitive and imaginative nature. When we look at colours, they like lavender, deep violet, white, aqua and all ranges of blue. Like the connection to what they see and how they feel, the connection between Pisces favourite colours and fragrance is very strong. They enjoy flowers such as: white orchids, violets, all white lilies, gardenia, and water lilies. Pisces ideal fragrance includes those with a vanilla base, sarsaparilla, and light floral notes.



Cancer find beauty in nature and romance. Being family to the water trigon, they are incredibly loyal, tenacious and sentimental so it’s not unusual for them to find a signature fragrance they love. Cancer are very caring, dependable and emotional; those born under this star sign suit feminine fragrances that have a timeless appeal. When it comes to floral fragrances, Cancer like a range of white flowers including: lilies, white roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, and all single note florals. Fragrances paired with jasmine, rose, and patchouli work well with Cancer.



Capricorn is an earth sign, known as the historical sign, holding great value on things of the past. Capricorns tend to be super responsible, therefore eco-friendly and sustainable fragrances appeal to them. A great fragrance choice for Capricorn would be something warm and woodsy, possibly having sandalwood as one of the main ingredients. Fragrances that remind Capricorn of a certain place, event or person with historic meaning, will ignite their senses and take them to an incredible atmosphere back in time.