3 Reasons Why Men Love Candles

Too often we hear remarks about candles being a feminine product. Although majority of people that purchase candles might be females, it does not make it a product purely for women. We’ve moved past the days where men were looked at for their rugged looks and hard demeanors. Now days we look for men that show off a sense of sophistication and style. Savvy business owner of Tailor & Co, John-Pierre Georges is proof of just that. He specializes in custom designed suits for all occasions; with over thousands of different styles and designs to choose from. Tailor & Co’s new flagship store is sharing a new location featuring a barber shop and specialty café, this is truly a one stop for men looking to spruce up. When asking John-Pierre why he enjoys burning our Leather & Oudh scented candle throughout his store, his response was:

“ When customers walk into our showroom I want them to feel welcomed and relaxed. Designing a custom made suit is an experience; therefore we like to amplify that experience with the power of scent. A great fragrance is not only about the scent it lets off; it is also about the mood it sets for our guests. We have had many complements on the ‘ Leather & Oudh ‘ fragrance, it complements the rest of our clean and masculine atmosphere.”


                                                John-Pierre is a great example, but you don’t have to own a Tailoring business to be into candles.


#1 Smell good, feel good


Men are becoming more conscious of the way they smell, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive colognes to perfect just that. In fact recent studies show that the percentage of men that wear cologne opposed to the percentage of women that wear perfume is significantly higher. Candles help to eliminate bad odors that may be lurking around, making them the perfect tool to cleanse the air.


#2 Great for date night


We all know term ‘candle lit dinner’ to be subject to romance. Candles whilst on a date with your special loved one creates an amazing ambience within a room and in many instances can even help set the mood. A man that isn’t afraid to let off a bit of romance presents a confident and caring man, making them all the more attractive.


#3 Relaxation therapy


Most men work hard throughout the day, leaving barely anytime to relax. Candles are great for calming the energy within a room and can also assist in removing any bad energy within your atmosphere. Many men enjoy lighting a candle at home after a hard days work; some may even light a candle whilst mediating.