Samira Zaarour

Our sense of smell being our body’s most strongest sense, has a true power in being able to ignite memories that will last you a lifetime. The scent of that brand of washing powder your mum would use may remind you of your youth, when you would come home to a clean environment and loving arms. The scent of freshly cut grass may remind you of the chores you would have to do living under her roof. The scent of sea salt may remind you of your favourite family holiday by the beach. Whatever the memory may be, there is something truly special in being able to capture it within a fragrance. Here at Sahh Boutique, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform your atmosphere into something spectacular! A sensational fragrance doesn’t just smell good, it takes you to somewhere out of your existing space. Whether that be somewhere you have visited in a distant memory or it be a serene paradise you’ve imagined in your mind, our aim is to take you there.


“I’ve travelled the world to discover it’s wonders. I’ve walked the grounds of royalty, admired the ancient temples of the Buddhist monks and walked the streets of iconic cities to view all it’s historic glory. These experiences became my inspiration to create Sydney’s finest luxury fragrances. Sahh Boutique was built on my passion for art and culture. Our fragrances are inspired by the amazing world we live in.”

Samira Zaarour – Founder & Creative Director