8 Days Till Christmas!!! Top 8 Best Gifts

Bring on the holiday cheer, it’s that time of the year when everyone is running around aimlessly trying to buy Christmas presents. The shopping centers become chaotic around the holiday season, making it more like the ‘crazy season’. What to buy and who to buy for? These are generally the questions we ask ourselves. Money is another factor to be considered, even though it’s the crazy season, we can’t all afford to spend like crazy. When purchasing gifts we consider the following aspects: budget, practicality and quality. It’s much more effective to purchase one truly amazing gift then a bunch of cheap, poorly made and all together useless items. For those of you that have left it to the last minute we have put together a list of our Top 8 Best Christmas Gifts. This list consists of items that will suit a variety of budgets, are gender neutral, practical and absolutely divine!


#1 – Missoni Beach Towel

The Italian fashion label Missoni is known for it’s distinctive colourful patterns and creative knitwear designs. Missoni’s vibrant beach towels are generous in size and made from 100% canvas cotton, giving you that luxury feel. This summer holiday essential is an amazing gift that all will love!


#2 – Clean Eats Recipe Book

Encourage your loved ones to a healthy lifestyle this Christmas. Dr Alejandro Junger – author of the New York Times bestsellers Clean and Clean Gut, releases Clean Eats, a recipe cookbook featuring over 200 deliciously healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes that have been designed to help restore your body’s natural healing.


#3 – Sahh Boutique Candle

Our candles create a calming ambience within a room whilst also filling your atmosphere with a luxurious fragrance. They are hand poured in Australia, made with 100% organic soy wax and come packaged in our signature black box. Our luxury candles won’t go to waste and will look beautiful within any home during the festive season.


#4 – Mont Blanc Pen

Montblanc has been producing luxurious writing instruments since 1924. Their pens make the perfect accessory to use during important transactions. Montblanc pens portray style, sophistication and success. A great gift for corporate climbers and business owners.


#5 – Sahh Boutique Diffuser

Our diffusers will last anywhere from 6-8 months, keeping your bathrooms fresher for longer. They are hand poured in Australia and come packaged in our signature black box. All our fragrances have been designed to fill your atmosphere with amazing aromas that leave you wanting more.


#6 – Penfolds Wine

Penfolds have a reputation for creating some of the best Australian red wines with a great range of different types and price points. This time of year we all like to sit back and enjoy a drink or two with friends and family. If you know someone with an appreciation for great reds, than this is a fantastic gift to consider.


#7 – Earthly Delights Stardust Cast Iron Teapot from T2

From the T2 Earthly Delights collection comes this beautiful stardust cast iron teapot. Inspired by traditional Japanese elegance combined with the raw beauty of the earth. A truly unique gift to cherish forever.


#8 – Missoni Zig Zag Round Platter – $264.00

We can’t get enough of Missoni’s gorgeous homeware collection. Eating off this designer dinnerware is a luxury you can share with friends and family this Christmas. By using their signature patterns and vibrant colours, Missoni has created something undeniably special.