Since the ages of time fragrance has played a big role throughout history as one of the key factors in igniting long lasting memories. Memories from your childhood, a holiday or even a lover can be captured through the power of scent. Often its power goes unnoticed, but can sometimes unconsciously affect your mood. Fragrances […]


As Valentine’s Day approaches we are setting up once again at Myer Castle Hill. To spice things up, this year we have decided to add a splash of red by joining forces with local business Fleur Duluxe. This collaboration will feature our beautiful fragrance range along with various sized rose boxes from Fleur Duluxe. Candles […]

The Best Fragrances For Your Zodiac Sign

  We are all strongly connected with our star signs and have different personality traits each based on the horoscopes. Horoscopes have a high impact on the things we do, use and consume in our regular life. Colors, travel destinations, food choices, seasons and even the fragrances we like are all influenced by horoscopes. The […]